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Hypnosis Videos

I have a number of DVD and short clips for sale.  You can download them or view them online through Hotmovies.com and Clips.com

At the HotMoves.com store, full DVD's are on sale.  You have a choice to buy the full DVD or view all or part of it.

The DVD titles available at HotMovies are:

  • The List: Episode One - Drunk and Love Struck - various - Seven women are hypnotized to be drunk or love struck, fantasies from "The List"

  • Discovery - Bobby Stealth and Morgan - A wife ignites a stalled sex life with her husband by putting him into a hypnotic trance.

My DVD's are at this address:   Http://www.PrivateEyeProductionsTheatre.com


Clips.com will have short scenes, most of which haven't been published before.  They are five to twenty minutes in length that you can purchase individually for anywhere from $2.75 on up.

The clips available at Clips are:

  • The Reprimand: The Complete Series - Daphne Rosen - Daphne plays a mean boss who  can't help but become a bimbo sex toy

  • Daphne Hypnotized: to get drunk on water - Daphne Rosen - The title says it all.

  • Daphne joins a Hypno-Cult - Daphne Rosen - Again, the title explains the clip.

  • Sexual Hypnosis: Morgan to Bimbo - Morgan - Morgan turns from her normal self into a mindless bimbo.

The link for my store at Clips.com is here. 



DVD Downloads Free Video-Vote for me Clip Download


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